Ferriss & Company is rooted in the practice of interior design. Beginning her career in luxury hospitality Mary Sanders Ferriss quickly learned the art of designing for the guest. This is a philosophy that transcends all areas of practice. From hotels and restaurants to corporate offices, creating the perfect space for the end user is a skill that continues to serve her clients well. Also having a keen understanding of the five star market allows her to bring the touches that define luxury into all types of spaces. 

This level of design is not something that requires a high price tag but an understanding of quality, depth, and richness in detail. That little something extra is what she is known for adding into a space. Her carefully curated design direction includes art consulting, antique and vintage selections, and custom pieces designed and created specifically for each client.

That "something extra" is also why she has added brand identity and management into her scope of services. Leading the creative direction in each of these arenas creates a single narrative for the end user. This approach produces experiences in which every element of a space relates to each other, and to the soul of the concept.